Walmart’s Workers Deserve A Raise, Not A Bonus
By Forbes Contributor Panos Mourdoukoutas

Walmart is getting ‘generous’ with its workers. The giant retailer is handing out one-time bonuses of more than $200 million to 915,000 US hourly associates.

But that isn’t sufficient to lift these workers out of poverty, according to Making Change at Walmart (MCW).

“A one-time bonus is not the permanent raise countless Walmart workers need to be lifted up from poverty,” says MCW. “It is also not the affordable health care and pension that hard-working Walmart employees have earned and deserve. Walmart could actually provide a real living wage and better benefits, but it chooses not to. A single bonus does not right these persistent wrongs.”

“This bonus is a publicity stunt,” says a Texas Maintenance worker. “Walmart can afford to and should do better than one-time bonuses for the hard-working people who help make them successful. My coworkers and I deserve living wages that will allow us to truly improve our lives. I’ve been with Walmart for 6 years and I still only make the starting wage of $11 an hour.”