2018 Walmart Shareholders Meeting

2018 Walmart Shareholders Meeting

For the first time in Walmart shareholder meeting history, Walmart’s top 1% has changed the rules to exclude the majority of Walmart workers from being present during business proposal votes on wage transparency and other issues that affect them on a daily basis, further silencing the voice of Walmart workers. Which begs the question…

What is Walmart Hiding? 

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Six degrees of the Walmart 1% – Justin Timberlake edition

This afternoon, Walmart wrapped up its annual meeting in Arkansas. For us, the highlight of the spectacle was OUR Walmart member Jackie Goebel’s presentation of shareholder proposal #6, calling for greater disclosure about incentive pay. Jackie submitted the proposal with fellow OUR Walmart members, associates, and shareholders Mary Tifft, Girshriela Green, and Carlton Smith.

All eyes on Arkansas

Tomorrow, Walmart shareholders will gather at the Bud Walton Arena at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville for the company’s annual meeting, beginning at 7AM CDT. These meetings have grown to be star-studded events, but industry watchers will look past the celebrity emcee and performers and watch as the board of directors, executives, and company practices come under scrutiny by shareholders.