While America Was in Recession, the Walton Family Got Richer

We recently heard an amazing statistic on the Melissa Harris-Perry show about how Black and Latino households lost large percentages of their wealth during the recession.  It got us thinking, of course, about how, while that was happening, the Walton Family continued to amass more wealth than any family could ever need.

Why Does the Walton Family Foundation Donate Every Year to Organization with Anti-LGBT Policies?

Revelation Comes on Heels of Growing Concern about Walmart and Walton Family and LGBT Community

At $115.7 billion, the Walton family remains the face of the 1% in America

This week, Forbes released its annual billionaires issue. Predictably, the Waltons, whose wealth is derived almost exclusively from their holdings in Walmart, rank among the richest people on the planet. Six of them appear on the Forbes Billionaires list, and they are collectively worth $115.7 billion. Sam Walton’s heirs rank among the top 20 richest people on the planet and his brother Bud’s children are further down the list—but still miles above the rest of us:

How the Waltons could contribute to real improvements in kids’ educations

In Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, President Obama proposed making universal preschool available to all American children. Implementation of early childhood education programs doesn’t come without some upfront costs, of course, but research demonstrates that it’s a great investment that leads to positive long-term outcomes in children’s lives. In particular, it benefits poor children, helping narrow achievement gaps that often exist between them and their wealthier peers.

Waltons Get Richer; Walmart Workers, Average Americans Struggle

Forbes came out with their list of wealthiest Americans today, and it’s been another good year for the Waltons. Four Waltons—Christy, Jim, Alice, and Rob—find themselves in the top ten, and two more Waltons round out the top 100. The Waltons are now worth $115 billion, making them far and away the richest family in America.

The Waltons Always Pick the Worst!

Vote Hyatt The Worst Hotel Employer in America!

We’ve long called on the Walton family and other decision-makers at Walmart to change the company’s destructive business model of low wages , few benefits and understaffing that  have left millions in poverty in the US and abroad.

Open Letter to the Walton Family Foundation

As civil rights leaders, we are writing to call on the Walton Family Foundation to follow in Walmart’s footsteps and end your ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). As you know, many other companies and organizations, including your own company Walmart, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Kraft Food Inc., Blue Cross Blue Shield, Procter & Gamble, Amazon.com and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have already cut ties with or distanced themselves from ALEC and their positions.

USA Today shares stories of Walmart associates working for respect

An article in today’s USA Today highlights Walmart associates who are coming together in the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) to make Walmart a better company and a better place to work. The stories that associates from around the country tell about their struggles with inconsistent schedules, small paychecks, inadequate benefits, and disrespect from management provide a colossal contrast with what we know about the Walmart 1 percent:

This week in Walton news: It’s only Wednesday edition

We know it’s only Wednesday, but it’s already been a busy enough week for the Waltons that we thought a roundup was in order: