Are Walmart execs finally tackling understaffing? We’ll see.

On-the-ground Walmart store associates have said for years now that systematic understaffing is at the root of the company’s operational problems. After several quarters of weak earnings, bad press, and reputational problems stemming from understaffing, are Walmart execs finally—finally!—acknowledging the severity of the understaffing problem and taking steps to solve it?

Marissa Mayer dogged by more Walmart protests

Walmart director and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer faced protesting Walmart workers once again yesterday — this time at Dreamforce ’13. TechCrunch reported on the disruption:

Enviro orgs put Walmart on blast for greenwashing, treatment of associates

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance issued a scathing report yesterday on Walmart’s sustainability agenda, stating that the company’s PR work on its initiatives serves to mask the fact that Walmart’s impact on climate and the environment is worsening.

Reporter finds Walmart fails to execute on BOGO match policy

As reported yesterday the Tampa Bay Times, Walmart’s promise to match competitors’ buy-one-get-one-free offers in Florida has created confusion and delays on checkout lines – and on the company’s customer service hotline.

Dipping a toe into the comments section

While it’s usually a good rule of thumb to avoid internet comments sections, sometimes the internet can surprise you. The comments sections of an article on The Motley Fool published late last week actually contained interesting commentary on the trouble with Walmart’s “productivity loop” and the company’s ongoing labor concerns.

“Total disarray” store cleaner, but out-of-stocks problem persists

Remember a couple months ago when Forbes contributor and retail industry veteran Walter Loeb visited a Massachusetts Walmart store and found it to be in “total disarray”?

Walmart Foundation gets a new president

Now that its former president, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, has moved on to become director of the Office of Management and Budget and is busy sending out the official memos starting the government shutdown, the Walmart Foundation has named a new president: Kathleen McLaughlin, a senior partner at McKinsey and Co. She starts October 15.