Remember Walmart’s “bold commitment”?

Remember Walmart’s “bold commitment” to “leading an American renewal in manufacturing” and “bringing jobs back to the U.S.”? (You know, the “bold commitment” that garnered instant skepticism from industry observers?) How’s it going so far?

Reuters calls out Walmart on false claim of “leadership” in Made in USA effort

Sounds like the skepticism about Walmart’s vaunted Made in the USA push was well-warranted. Reuters reported yesterday [emphasis added]:

Much ado about nothing? Industry observers skeptical of Walmart’s “Made in USA” push

Remember Walmart’s “Buy American” campaign back in the 80’s? In 1992, a shocking Dateline NBC report on the campaign caused a PR disaster for the company. The show reported that Walmart had in fact sharply increased foreign imports during the campaign, that Walmart suppliers in Asia were using child labor, and that company stores had misleadingly labeled foreign-made garments as Made in America.