Supreme Court opens the flood gates to even more Walton money in politics

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down certain limits on individuals’ federal campaign contributions, with a ruling on McCutcheon v. FEC. The Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the cap on the aggregate amount that an individual can give directly to candidates for federal office, federal political action committees, and federal party committees.

The State Representative from…Walmart?

City officials in Green Bay, WI, are fighting a proposed Walmart in the city’s historic Broadway district, but one state lawmaker has voiced a different opinion. State Representative John Klenke has said this week that he will ask the state’s Building Commission to reconsider $2 million set aside for the expansion of the city’s convention center if the city blocks the Walmart opening.

Election Day 2012 in Review: Grading the Waltons

Members of the Walton family, as we know, are active political donors, using their fortune to back right-wing candidates and causes. This election cycle was no exception.  Now that Election Day 2012 is in the rearview mirror, let’s take a look at some notable results from contests that the Waltons contributed money to. In recognition of the Waltons’ commitment to corporate-style education reform, we will grade their results and then rate how they did overall. (We’re basing these grades on whether their preferred candidates or issues won, regardless of how noxious the candidates or issues are!)

Paul Ryan working out…how to save the Waltons millions

On Saturday, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced that Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin would be his running mate. The Waltons’ support of Mitt Romney has been well noted, and it turns out the Waltons and Walmart have also shown an interest in Paul Ryan.

The Waltons continue to fund the Republican Party

The Waltons’ contributions to Republicans this federal election cycle are quickly approaching a million dollars, and things have barely started to heat up.