Walmart 1 Percent Supporting Anti-Gay “Leaders”

In a previous LGBT post, we wrote about the Walmart 1 Percent’s disproportionate support for legislators with very poor ratings when it comes to issues for the LGBT community. The numbers themselves are very compelling:  Of the contributions to current members of Congress, more than 80% of the money given by the Walton Family went to those who received scores of 10 or less on the 2011 Human Rights Campaign scorecard.

Selling out LGBTQ rights while cashing in on LGBTQ consumers

While the Walmart 1% sells out LGBTQ rights, Walmart cashes in on sales of books and films that are sympathetic to the LGBTQ community and/or aimed at LGBTQ consumers. For Pride month, we thought it might be fun to take note of some of the LGBTQ-oriented products available to Walmart’s online shoppers.