In June, Walmart’s Board of Directors becomes weaker and more compromised

After the Walmart annual meeting in June, three of the company’s directors will be stepping down from their positions. The exit of Jim Breyer, Michele Burns, and Arne Sorenson will leave Walmart’s Board of Directors will be even weaker and more compromised than it already was.

Distracted directors: Why won’t Walmart’s leaders focus on Walmart?

Last May, in the days leading up to Walmart’s annual meeting/extravaganza, the New York Times observed that Walmart lead independent director Jim Breyer, a partner at venture capital firm Accel Partners, was severely overextended, raising concerns about his commitment and ability to meet his directorship responsibilities. On top of his work at Accel, he was a director at five public companies, four of which were experiencing major scandals or troubles. Last spring, proxy advisory firm Pension & Investment Research Consultants even recommended that Walmart shareholders vote against re-electing him, dryly stating: “There are concerns over his aggregate time commitments.”

Stretched Too Thin?

Walmart’s board of directors have faced a tough few months since news of the company’s Mexico bribery scandal broke, and attention turned back to the scandal for director Jim Breyer Friday in Texas.

Jim Breyer: OUR Walmart’s 2012 Tunnel Visionary of the Year

Ten-year Walmart Board member Jim Breyer has been named “Tunnel Visionary of the Year” by members of Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart). The award is being given to Breyer in recognition of his “uncanny ability to overlook problems at Walmart.”

Six degrees of the Walmart 1% – Justin Timberlake edition

This afternoon, Walmart wrapped up its annual meeting in Arkansas. For us, the highlight of the spectacle was OUR Walmart member Jackie Goebel’s presentation of shareholder proposal #6, calling for greater disclosure about incentive pay. Jackie submitted the proposal with fellow OUR Walmart members, associates, and shareholders Mary Tifft, Girshriela Green, and Carlton Smith.

Walmart Director Jim Breyer Linked to Growing List of Scandals, Including Facebook’s Bungled IPO

There’s no doubt that Jim Breyer, the billionaire venture capitalist who sits on the boards of Facebook and Walmart, is very rich and very smart. Good for him.

Walmart board member Jim Breyer set to rake in another half a billion

You can already find Walmart board member and billionaire Jim Breyer on the Forbes 400 list. And with Facebook set to launch its IPO this Friday, Breyer is on the brink of cementing his place among the 1%.