2018 Walmart Shareholders Meeting

2018 Walmart Shareholders Meeting

For the first time in Walmart shareholder meeting history, Walmart’s top 1% has changed the rules to exclude the majority of Walmart workers from being present during business proposal votes on wage transparency and other issues that affect them on a daily basis, further silencing the voice of Walmart workers. Which begs the question…

What is Walmart Hiding? 

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Walmart among lowest-ranked sites in new personal security report

A new study reveals that Walmart puts online consumers’ personal data at risk, given the limited standards Walmart requires for users’ passwords. Walmart was named among the lowest-ranked companies evaluated in the study, with a score of -35, on a scale from -100 to 100, where 100 is the best.

Want to know why WalmartLabs’ Goodies is shutting down? Check out Facebook.

A WalmartLabs’s subscription e-commerce business, Goodies.co, will be closing down. What’s behind the demise of Goodies and the monthly snack boxes it mails out to subscribers? A sampling of the comments on the Goodies Facebook page suggests that there were some fundamental problems with the service.

As Yahoo’s core business continues to sink, what’s Marissa Mayer doing at Walmart?

The weak Q3 earnings report from Yahoo has us wondering, again, about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s role on the Walmart Board of Directors. While Walmart purportedly brought Mayer on to help boost the retailer’s eCommerce performance, it’s clear that she has her hands full just trying to keep Yahoo afloat.

Walmart’s latest eCommerce announcement exposes weakness

The evidence is piling up that Walmart will have to make massive new investments in an eCommerce distribution network in order to defend its position against Amazon.com and get back on a growth footing.

Is Marissa Mayer too busy for Walmart?

In this post, we raise questions about Marissa Mayer’s contribution as a Walmart director. Specifically, given the enormous challenges she faces at Yahoo, does Mayer have the time and focus to help Walmart implement a winning eCommerce strategy? And could Mayer’s aggressive recruitment of top Silicon Valley engineers conflict with Walmart’s own effort to hire the best and brightest for its Bay Area technology shop, known as @WalmartLabs?

Did Walmart peak in 2009?

An analysis from Supply Chain Digest shows that the company’s share of U.S. retail sales has been on the decline for the past four years:

Marissa Mayer becomes a lightning rod for Walmart critics

“…Ms Mayer’s appointment to the chief executive role at Yahoo has made her a new lightning rod for criticism of Walmart.”Financial Times