Meet Dan “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Bartlett

Dan "Weapons of Mass Destruction" BartlettLast week, we wrote about 8 things you should know about Dan Bartlett, the new Walmart image polisher.     Over the weekend, we had some more time to read up on him and one more thing jumped out at us – Bartlett played a key role in helping the Bush administration make the case for war in Iraq, including warning the American public that Saddam had weapons that “could kill millions of people.”     Some sources also point to Bartlett as being a member of the White House Iraq Group (WHIG).  As Frank Rich wrote in the New York Times in 2005, the mission of the WHIG was “to market a war in Iraq.”

The new image guy

Walmart announced yesterday that former Bush administration official Dan Bartlett will replace Leslie Dach as the company’s spin-master/image-polisher (er, we mean “executive vice president of corporate affairs”). Dach was hired back in 2006 to run a campaign to clean up Walmart’s reputation, make it seem like a friendlier, cuddlier corporate citizen, and build bridges with Democrats. In other words, he’s been an extremely busy man for the last seven years and may need a vacation.