The (Not So) New Face of Walmart

Doug McMillonTomorrow, Doug McMillon will become the fifth CEO of Walmart and the youngest to have the job since Sam Walton himself. Before him will be the monumental task of steering the retail giant back on course and into public favor.

Aida Alvarez participates in corporate astroturfing in California

AlvarezAT&T customers in California have experienced dramatic increases in the cost of landline service with the state’s largest local phone company in recent years. Following deregulation of most landline services in California in 2006, the flat rate for a landline is up from $10.69/month in 2006 to $23/month earlier this year, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. And fees for some other services have risen even faster. Republican Rachelle Chong, who at the time was a California Public Utilities Commissioner, was credited as the driving force behind the plan to deregulate.

Now Walmart workers are protesting director Christopher Williams

Two weeks ago, Walmart director and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer once again faced protesting Walmart workers, who disrupted a fireside chat at the Dreamforce ’13 conference.

Why Walmart workers are protesting Board of Directors members like Marissa Mayer

Hey, so why are Walmart associates in OUR Walmart protesting Marissa Mayer and other members of Walmart’s Board of Directors? San Francisco Magazine actually talked to one of the protesters to find out:

Marissa Mayer dogged by more Walmart protests

Walmart director and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer faced protesting Walmart workers once again yesterday — this time at Dreamforce ’13. TechCrunch reported on the disruption:

As Yahoo’s core business continues to sink, what’s Marissa Mayer doing at Walmart?

The weak Q3 earnings report from Yahoo has us wondering, again, about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s role on the Walmart Board of Directors. While Walmart purportedly brought Mayer on to help boost the retailer’s eCommerce performance, it’s clear that she has her hands full just trying to keep Yahoo afloat.

Will Mike Duke pull a Jamie Dimon?

Big news today for Walmart director Tim Flynn, who also sits on the board of JPMorgan: JPMorgan and four regulators announced a settlement on the London Whale matter in which the company will pay $920 million in fines and acknowledge misconduct by company management.