African Americans

Walmart and the African American Community

  • Walmart jobs keep our communities in poverty. Even at Walmart’s new starting rate, a worker at Walmart’s definition of full-time would earn less than the 2016 federal poverty line for a family of two.
  • Walmart and the Waltons once supported the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which has supported the notorious “Stand Your Ground” law as well as the recent spread of voter suppression legislation. Only following intense public pressure did Walmart finally withdraw from ALEC in 2012.
  • Between the death of unarmed Black father John Crawford in an Ohio Walmart and “Blackout Black Friday” protests after the Ferguson non-indictment, more and more people are drawing connections between Walmart, racial inequality, and economic inequality.

Stunning Disparity between the Wealth of the Walton Family and the Struggles of the African American Community