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Doug McMillon has 23.6 million reasons to be thankful this year.

And that’s because last year, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon took home:

  • A base salary of over $1 million,
  • Stock awards worth more than $15.5 million, and
  • Approximately $7 million in incentive payments and other income, bringing his total fiscal year compensation to $23.6 million

But here are some side dishes that likely won’t be on McMillon’s Thanksgiving table:  

  • No holiday pay for any of the 1.1 million hourly Walmart workers (Walmart eliminated holiday pay in 2016)
  • No employer-provided health insurance for the approximately 500,000 part-time Walmart workers*
  • No paid parental leave – maternity or paternity – for the approximately 500,000 part-time Walmart workers*
  • Ranking second to last among top department & discount stores and dead last among top supermarkets in the U.S. last year in customer satisfaction according to a February 2019 American Customer Satisfaction Index report. The report points out that a major reason for poor customer service in the retail industry is higher employee turnover, as more experienced and better-qualified employees find higher-paying jobs.

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And say NO thanks to Doug McMillon squeezing pennies from his workers while taking millions for himself.


*Walmart does not offer employer-provided health insurance or paid parental leave to hourly associates working less than 30 hours per week. Approximately half of Walmart’s 1.1 million hourly workers are part-time.