Quick facts

Family: Second of Jim and Lynne Walton’s four children; grandson of Sam Walton

Age: 33

Residence: London, England


Unknown.  However, his father Jim has an estimated net worth of $41.2 billion (as of January, 2015).

Educational and professional background


Walton has an a bachelors of business administration degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Walton received his JD from Georgetown University

Professional life

Game Composites

Walton is currently the CEO of Game Composites, Inc, a company he founded in 2013 that designs and builds small composite aircraft.


Steuart Walton appears to be the first grandchild of Sam Walton to take on a significant role in the family business: News articles indicate that he began working for Walmart out of an office in London, England since before Christmas 2011. The Independent reported that he is leading Walmart’s European expansion efforts, and a Walmart spokesman told the newspaper that Walton’s position at the company is “part of [Walton’s] induction into the Walmart business.”

It is unclear how long Walton has been working at his grandfather’s company, or when exactly he has worked there. Walton listed “Walmart” as his employer on federal election campaign contributions and donated to the Wal-Mart Political Action Committee in November 2008, but also stated that he had no employer in a September 2010 contribution.

Allen & Overy

Walton was an associate in the London office of the law firm Allen & Overy.

Political giving

Since 2008, Walton donated more than $111,000 to politicians running for federal offices and to party committees.  Over 90 percent of these contributions went to Republican politicians or organizations, and an additional $10,000 went to the Wal-Mart Political Action Committee.

Community connections


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