Quick facts

Family: Daughter of Walmart co-founder Bud Walton. Married Stan Kroenke in 1974; two adult children, Josh Kroenke and Whitney Kroenke.

Age: 65 (born December 18, 1948)

Residence: Columbia, MO


According to the Boone County Assessor’s office (Missouri), the 12,000-square foot house is worth $2.5 million. The home has five bedrooms, six full baths and two half baths. The Kroenkes also own four other parcels of land in the county, valued at $70,330.

Stan Kroenke also owns a seven-bedroom Tuscan villa on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu that was formerly owned by Dodi Fayed, companion to Princess Diana. Princess Di had voiced an interest in moving to the home before her death. Before that, the home was owned by actress Julie Andrews.  Stan Kroenke paid $9 million for the beach-front property in 1998.

In November 2011, Ann and Stan Kroenke purchased a home in Aspen, Colorado for $20.75 million. According to Aspen Journalism, it was the “most expensive real estate purchase of 2011” in the ritzy ski resort town.


Ann Walton Kroenke has an estimated net worth of $4.8 billion as of March 2014. She inherited the large majority of her wealth through her inherited ownership of Walmart. Current information about the size of her ownership interest in the company is unavailable.

Her husband Stan Kroenke has an estimated net worth of $5.6 billion as of March 2014.

Educational and professional background


Ann Walton Kroenke attended Lincoln University and is a registered nurse; it is unclear when she obtained a degree, which Lincoln University she attended, or if she is practicing nursing.


On her donations to politicians, Kroenke lists her profession as housewife or homemaker.

Political giving

Federal election contributions

In federal elections, Ann Kroenke has made $27,000 in political contributions, all to Republicans.

State election contributions

In state elections, primarily in Missouri, Ann and Stan Kroenke donated a combined $9,550 between 1998 and 2008, of which $2,650 went to Democrats and $6,900 went to Republicans. Ann donated $4,900 ($1,500 to Democrats, $3,400 to Republicans) of this money in her own name, $1,400 (all to Republicans) was donated in both Ann and Stan’s names, and Stan donated $3,250 ($1,150 to Democrats, $2,100 to Republicans) of it in his name alone.

Community connections

  • Audrey J. Walton and Ann Walton Kroenke Charitable Foundation: There are records of an “Audrey J. Walton and Ann Walton Kroenke Charitable Foundation,” named after Ann and her mother Audrey, but the foundation maintains no internet presence. The majority of the donations made by the foundation went to other charities in Missouri, such as Boys and Girls Clubs, schools and universities, and other youth-oriented organizations.
  • Denver Nuggets Community Fund: Kroenke has also attended events representing the Denver Nuggets Community Fund, a community outreach fund of the Denver Nuggets that was also affiliated with the Robert R. McCormack Foundation. It no longer seems to be in operation.