Wal-Mart, Don’t Discount the Power of Teachers

The following guest post is from Amber Rain Chandler, a teacher in western New York.

The Walmartization of Education

The Waltons, heirs to the Walmart fortune and majority owners of the company, are the richest family in America. With more wealth than 42% of Americans combined, the Waltons are most notorious for their low-pay, low-road business model at Walmart. Now the Waltons are using their billions to export the Walmart business model to our classrooms.

The Walton family’s role in school re-segregation

Under the guise of “reforming” K-12 education, the Walton family, which owns a majority of Walmart and has raked in unfathomable wealth off the backs of low-wage Walmart workers, has poured over $1 billion into efforts to undermine public schools and promote a corporate-friendly, privatized model of education.

Nine Ways Walmart’s Ruling Family Is Funding a Far-Right Agenda

The list Buzzfeed doesn’t want you to see
We originally posted this story on Buzzfeed, but without notifying us they took it down yesterday, claiming it was a “personal attack.” We don’t think that sharing factual information about the Waltons’ agenda is a personal attack – it’s just the truth that people deserve to know.

How the Waltons could contribute to real improvements in kids’ educations

In Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, President Obama proposed making universal preschool available to all American children. Implementation of early childhood education programs doesn’t come without some upfront costs, of course, but research demonstrates that it’s a great investment that leads to positive long-term outcomes in children’s lives. In particular, it benefits poor children, helping narrow achievement gaps that often exist between them and their wealthier peers.

Does Jim Walton think public schools are a Communist plot?

We recently wrote about a $500 campaign donation that Jim Walton—youngest son of Walmart founder Sam Walton, member of Walmart’s Board of Directors, and Chairman and CEO of the Walton-owned Arvest Bank—sent to Arkansas State Rep. Loy Mauch, and called for Walton to withdraw his donation and publicly reject Mauch’s extremist neo-Confederate views.

Chicago teachers strike against corporate education interests and for better schools for kids. Guess which side the Waltons are on?

CTU march in Chicago

CTU solidarity march, 9/10/2012 (photo from Chicago Jobs with Justice)