Wal-Mart, Don’t Discount the Power of Teachers

The following guest post is from Amber Rain Chandler, a teacher in western New York.

Walmart-backed State Senator spouts off against marriage equality ruling

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert (R-Conway) spouted off against marriage equality last week – and simultaneously demonstrated his ignorance of the U.S. Constitution.  And it turns out that Walmart has contributed to Sen. Rapert’s re-election campaign

Why Does the Walton Family Foundation Donate Every Year to Organization with Anti-LGBT Policies?

Revelation Comes on Heels of Growing Concern about Walmart and Walton Family and LGBT Community

Walton Family Foundation grantee backs anti-gay state legislator

We’ve argued previously that the Walton Family Foundation’s (WFF) education agenda is about systematically undermining our nation’s public education system.  But, the more research we do, the more we understand that this funding is also tied to other right-wing issues and agendas.