Walmart Workers to Attend Yahoo Shareholder Meeting…Again.

Last year, just as Walmart was illegally firing  workers for participating in legally protected strikes, Walmart Associates who are members of OUR Walmart were attending the Yahoo! shareholder meeting.  They did so in order to address their concerns about Walmart’s illegal retaliation to Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, who is also a member of the Walmart Board of Directors.  The workers and the questions they directed to Mayer were widely covered in the press.

Time for Mayer to step down at Walmart?

We’ve wondered before — and so have investors! — whether Yahoo CEO and Walmart director Marissa Mayer is too busy to be an effective member of the Walmart board of directors.

Why Walmart workers are protesting Board of Directors members like Marissa Mayer

Hey, so why are Walmart associates in OUR Walmart protesting Marissa Mayer and other members of Walmart’s Board of Directors? San Francisco Magazine actually talked to one of the protesters to find out:

Marissa Mayer dogged by more Walmart protests

Walmart director and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer faced protesting Walmart workers once again yesterday — this time at Dreamforce ’13. TechCrunch reported on the disruption:

As Yahoo’s core business continues to sink, what’s Marissa Mayer doing at Walmart?

The weak Q3 earnings report from Yahoo has us wondering, again, about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s role on the Walmart Board of Directors. While Walmart purportedly brought Mayer on to help boost the retailer’s eCommerce performance, it’s clear that she has her hands full just trying to keep Yahoo afloat.

Is Marissa Mayer too busy for Walmart?

In this post, we raise questions about Marissa Mayer’s contribution as a Walmart director. Specifically, given the enormous challenges she faces at Yahoo, does Mayer have the time and focus to help Walmart implement a winning eCommerce strategy? And could Mayer’s aggressive recruitment of top Silicon Valley engineers conflict with Walmart’s own effort to hire the best and brightest for its Bay Area technology shop, known as @WalmartLabs?

Marissa Mayer becomes a lightning rod for Walmart critics

“…Ms Mayer’s appointment to the chief executive role at Yahoo has made her a new lightning rod for criticism of Walmart.”Financial Times