Walmart among lowest-ranked sites in new personal security report

A new study reveals that Walmart puts online consumers’ personal data at risk, given the limited standards Walmart requires for users’ passwords. Walmart was named among the lowest-ranked companies evaluated in the study, with a score of -35, on a scale from -100 to 100, where 100 is the best.

More trouble at WalmartLabs?

Internet Retailer is reporting this morning that Sri Subramaniam has left WalmartLabs, where he was vice president, for a position with Groupon.  Subramaniam joined WalmartLabs in May 2011, when Walmart acquired the startup Kosmix, where he had been vice president of engineering.

Want to know why WalmartLabs’ Goodies is shutting down? Check out Facebook.

A WalmartLabs’s subscription e-commerce business,, will be closing down. What’s behind the demise of Goodies and the monthly snack boxes it mails out to subscribers? A sampling of the comments on the Goodies Facebook page suggests that there were some fundamental problems with the service.