St. Louis is standing up to Stan Kroenke and Walmart: Think before you shop

The UFCW Local in St. Louis, MO, (Local 655) debuted a new commercial this week that encourages shoppers to buy their holiday groceries from one of the three local union food chains instead of buying from Walmart stores — where Stan Kroenke made his fortune and abandoned St. Louis in the process. MCAW agrees that now, more than ever, it’s important to support workers who fight to improve wages and other benefits in the workplace.


As the nation celebrated LGBT Pride throughout the month of June, Making Change at Walmart campaigned to not let Walmart get away with their attempted “rainbow washing,” instead of being a true ally to LGBT workers and customers. Read more about the MCAW and UFCWOutreach campaign here.

West Plains, MO, Rallies Around fired Walmart Worker

On April 2, 2016, Frank Swanson, a Walmart cashier who was 20 days shy of his 20th anniversary with Walmart, was terminated. At the time, Frank made $13.92/hour. Frank is 52 years-old, and suffered brain damage from an accident that took place when he was in 8th grade. He is also partially paralyzed on one side. He was eligible for disability payments when he turned 18, but he’s never received them. If you ask him why, he says he is able to work, so why shouldn’t he earn his money?