June 2011 – More than 100 Walmart Associates deliver the Declaration of Respect to Walmart in Bentonville, requesting that the company engage with them to change Walmart for the better.

December 2011 – Two Cambridge City Councilors visited Mr. Cash’s Boston area office on a delegation, but were unable to speak with him.

March 2012– OUR Walmart members write to Mr. Cash to request a meeting to discuss their concerns about poverty wages and lack of respect at Walmart.

May 2012 – OUR Walmart members write to Cash to request a meeting.

June 2012 – OUR Walmart writes to Cash, reiterating the request for a meeting and reporting on fallout from the Mexico scandal. The letter specifically cited problems of illegal retaliation by the company against Walmart Associates.

August 2012 – Civil society leaders write to Cash to request that he meet with OUR Walmart Associates. Signers include: Terry O’Neill (President of the National Organization for Women), Sarita Gupta (Executive Director, Jobs with Justice), Bill Fletcher, Jr. (Chair, National Retail Justice Alliance), and Dan Schlademan (Director, Making Change at Walmart Campaign). Among other issues, the letter asked Mr. Cash to help stop illegal retaliation by Walmart against members of OUR Walmart.

November 2012 – OUR Walmart sends letter to Mr. Cash urging him to take leadership and help Walmart change course.

May 2013 – OUR Walmart members write to Mr. Cash to voice concerns about ongoing retaliation by the company, as well as expressing a desire for an end to poverty jobs and urging Walmart to sign on to the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

July 2013 – OUR Walmart Members write to Mr. Cash alerting him to Walmart’s widespread, illegal retaliation against workers who choose to speak out at Walmart and asking for his assistance.