More trouble at WalmartLabs?

Internet Retailer is reporting this morning that Sri Subramaniam has left WalmartLabs, where he was vice president, for a position with Groupon.  Subramaniam joined WalmartLabs in May 2011, when Walmart acquired the startup Kosmix, where he had been vice president of engineering.

Walmart’s latest eCommerce announcement exposes weakness

The evidence is piling up that Walmart will have to make massive new investments in an eCommerce distribution network in order to defend its position against and get back on a growth footing.

Walmart needs more “boots on the ground” to solve out-of-stocks

There’s no substitution for boots on the ground in the store. No substitution. You can have all the technology you want but if you don’t get it out of the back room to the floor when the customer needs it, then that’s a lost cause.” – Drake Jackson, Category Manager (retired), Walmart

Writer chronicles Walmart’s store-level problems

Over at The Splendid Table they’ve posted an eye-opening excerpt from this interview with Stephanie McMillan, whose new book, The American Way of Eating, chronicles her experiences working undercover in farm fields and a Walmart store outside of Detroit.

Lead director Jim Cash fails to notice broken Walmart business model

New Walmart lead director Jim Cash has an article out about how to “exploit IT for competitive advantage” in business, in which he rhapsodizes about IT’s role in promoting the “virtuous cycle of revenue growth and operational-efficiency improvements.”