An Open Letter To Hollywood

An Open Letter To Hollywood

Making Change at Walmart has released a 30 second “short film” in response to Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Antoine Fuqua, and Marc Forster’s Walmart ads that will air during this year’s Academy Awards as part of Walmart’s P.R. challenge called “The Receipt.


Dear Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Marc Forster, and Antoine Fuqua: Tell the #RealWalmartStory

Making Change at Walmart Launches Celebrity Accountability Campaign for the Oscars

Making Change at Walmart (MCAW) has launched an accountability campaign aimed at the Academy Awards and the many celebrities who have partnered with Walmart over the years despite the company’s poor treatment of its workers.

Official Press Release

Read full press release here.


Tweet at Seth Rogen and the rest of the Walmart Cover Up Artists:
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Just click on the tweets below to demand the #RealWalmartStory. Or just Retweet us!

Hey @sethrogen tell the #RealWalmartStory: Thousnds of workrs on Food Stmps& Medicaid #ExposeWalmart #Oscars2017 #Walmart via @ChangeWalmart
Hey @sethrogen tell the #RealWalmartStory: CEO makes 20mil // many workers in poverty #ExposeWalmart #Oscars2017 #Walmart via @ChangeWalmart
Hey @sethrogen tell the #RealWalmartStory: Largest importer of goods & exporter of U.S. jobs #ExposeWalmart #Oscars2017 via @ChangeWalmart
Hey @sethrogen tell the #RealWalmartStory: Thousands of workers paid poverty wages #ExposeWalmart #Oscars2017 #Walmart via @ChangeWalmart
Hey @sethrogen tell the #RealWalmartStory: 1 suprcentr costs taxpyrs $900k-1.75mil/yr in pub $ #ExposeWalmart #Oscars2017 via @ChangeWalmart