24 Minutes for Walmart to Silence Workers

May 30, 2018

As today’s formal business portion of Walmart’s annual shareholder meeting wrapped up in under 30 minutes per its live web stream, Making Change at Walmart director, Randy Parraz, issues the following statement:

How long does it take for Walmart to sweep pay transparency, worker voices, and multi-million-dollar CEO payouts under the rug? Apparently just 24 minutes.

In just 24 minutes, Walmart effectively silenced the voice of worker frustration and dissent by not addressing pressing worker issues like low and stagnant wages, disrespect and favoritism by management, failure to provide sufficient hours to workers, as well as the need for an independent board member, a call for transparency in worker pay based on ethnicity and race, and the opportunity for Walmart workers to be fairly compensated through Walmart’s share purchase program.

It takes some of us more than 24 minutes to commute to work, but for Walmart’s top 1%, who hold the majority of shares, 24 minutes can silence an entire workforce and suppress over a million hourly workers for another year.

For more information on MCAW’s shareholders campaign, visit changewalmart.org/WhatIsWalmartHiding