Walmart Ends Controversial Crime Program, Shifts Back to Wasting Taxpayer Dollars

Walmart Ends Controversial Crime Program, Shifts Back to Wasting Taxpayer Dollars

For Immediate Release: December 21, 2017

Contact: Amy Ritter, (202) 251-5907

BREAKING NEWS: Walmart Ends Controversial Crime Program, Shifts Back to Wasting Taxpayer Dollars

Washington, D.C. — In response to Walmart suspending its controversial shoplifting diversion program run by the firms Turning Point Justice and Corrective Education Company (CEC) (the latter of which was found to have engaged in “extortion and false imprisonment” by a California court earlier this year), MCAW director Randy Parraz has issued the following statement:

“Local governments have long  pushed back against Walmart’s overconsumption of local police resources, which is why Walmart started using these controversial private ‘corrective firms.’ The question is, why is Walmart ending these programs now?

Is Walmart worried about the liability of these firms or of CEC’s tactics that may have pressured Americans to give up their legal rights? Will Walmart be using other diversion firms or will they increase their burden on local police departments?

Ending contracts with these controversial firms is simply not good enough. There must be an independent investigation as to whether Americans, who were subject to the firms’ programs, lost their rights or were unjustly treated, and whether Walmart is attempting to shift its financial responsibilities to local taxpayers.”

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  • Local governments have been fighting back against Walmart’s excessive consumption of law enforcement resources by labeling the store a public nuisance  or drafting statewide legislation to hold Walmart financially accountable for its over-use of police services.
  • Corrective Education Company was founded in 2010 and in 2013, Walmart  started rolling out its “Restorative Justice” program, which utilized both Corrective Education Company and Turning Point Justice.
  • Under Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” program, the retailer allowed Corrective Education Company to falsely imprisonfingerprint and document suspected shoplifters in a backroom; and extort them for money.
  • Combined, Corrective Education Company and Turning Point Justice operated in approximately 2,000 Walmart stores.