SANTA ON STRIKE! Santa is striking near Walmart locations across the U.S. demanding holiday pay for workers

SANTA ON STRIKE! Santa is striking near Walmart locations across the U.S. demanding holiday pay for workers

For Immediate Release: December 7, 2017

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“Santa Goes on Strike, Demands Walmart Bring Back Holiday Pay”

MCAW’s 2017 holiday campaign announces Santa Claus will hold strikes near Walmart locations across the country to protest Walmart’s refusal to provide Holiday Pay.

Washington, D.C. – As part of its 2017 holiday campaign, Making Change at Walmart (MCAW) will launch a nationwide series of strike actions at Walmart stores led by Santa Claus. The Santa Claus strike actions which will be held in 13 cities across 11 states over the coming 3 weeks and will demand that Walmart bring back the holiday pay for its 1.5 million workers.

Today’s kick-off “Santa Claus on Strike” event will take place near a local Walmart in Phoenix, where Santa Claus and his holiday helpers will make all Americans who love Christmas aware of Walmart’s “no holiday pay” policy. “Santa Claus on Strike” actions will take place near Walmart locations over the next 3 weeks in areas including Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, Cincinnati and Memphis, as well as other cities and towns across America. The “Santa Claus on Strike” effort will also include targeted digital and social media, as well as a new holiday-themed targeted paid TV media campaign.

Santa Claus is on strike for one simple reason, it’s time Walmart do the right thing and provide holiday pay for its 1.5 million hard-working men and women – the same holiday pay it used to provide in 2015 before it decided to “Grinch” it’s workers,” said MCAW director Randy Parraz. To be very clear, this initiative is about more than Santa Claus and Christmas, it’s about the values that the holidays represent and which Walmart has chosen to ignore.

The “Santa Claus on Strike” actions are the second phase of MCAW’s 6-week holiday initiative that highlights Walmart’s “war on the holidays.” MCAW’s holiday campaign has included grassroots events by Walmart stores, targeted paid media, aggressive social media, and outreach to civic and community leaders, all with the important goal of having Walmart end its policy of refusing to provide holiday pay to its workers.

Walmart earns millions of dollars from not paying its workers holiday pay – this is wrong and it must stop. The extra pay millions of other American workers earn during the holidays make a difference, and Walmart workers deserve no less,” concludes Parraz.

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Facts on Walmart’s Holiday Pay and Paid Time Off Policy:

  • Walmart eliminatedholiday pay in 2016, replacing it with a policy where workers accrue paid time off based on hours worked.
  • Under this policy, a new part-time Walmart worker has to work 33 hoursto get just one paid hour off, which could take weeks to accrue given Walmart’s inconsistent scheduling.
  • Holiday pay, for those who work on the holiday, typically includes a premium above and beyond what they are paid hourly. And, in the case of many union retail workers, they are given holiday pay even if they don’t work that day.

Facts on MCAW’s 2017 Holiday Initiative:

  • MCAW’s 2017 holiday campaign is focused on making sure Walmart restores holiday pay for its 1.5 million workers.
  • For the first series of holiday actions, MCAW, workers, turkeys, activists and allies gathered near Walmart locations in 7 cities across 6 states to pass out informational flyers on Walmart’s ‘no holiday pay’ policy over the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • The campaign also released a national30-second ad during the week leading up to Thanksgiving and during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on local NBC affiliates in the Madison, Cincinnati, Phoenix, and Sacramento media markets.