Walmart to create 10,000 jobs – but what kind of jobs are these?

Walmart to create 10,000 jobs – but what kind of jobs are these?

Many new Walmart workers will still qualify for public assistance


Washington, DC — Making Change at Walmart (MCAW), the national campaign to change Walmart into a more responsible employer, released the following statement today in response to news that the retailer will create 10,000 retail jobs in the coming year:

“Anything Walmart says should be taken with a grain of salt. Today they may be announcing more jobs and more employee training, but tomorrow they could close more stores or slash more back-office jobs in Walmarts across the country.

It is our hope that if Walmart keeps their word and does create new jobs, these jobs will provide hardworking Americans with a wage on which they can support themselves and their families; solid healthcare and other benefits; and a reliable schedule. Make no mistake, we will keep advocating for Walmart workers, no matter how many there are, until Walmart changes for the better.”

Further, the income of a Walmart employee working Walmart’s definition of full-time (34 hours/week) making $9/hour (which is the starting rate for new hourly workers until they complete Walmart’s training program) would qualify for multiple public assistance programs in most states.

While being paid this wage by Walmart at full-time hours, a single adult worker with no children would qualify for home energy assistance and Medicaid (eligible at 138% poverty level). A single adult worker supporting two children would qualify for SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid, home energy assistance, and the earned income tax credit.

Finally, this job creation announcement comes after Walmart cut 10,000 jobs this time last year when it closed 269 stores, after the company cut another 7,000 back-office jobs in September 2016, and after they fired nearly 1,000 workers just last week.