WATCH: TV ad highlights Walmart’s policy of locking up African American hair products

WATCH: TV ad highlights Walmart’s policy of locking up African American hair products

Ad shines spotlight on Suffolk Walmart’s security methods, asks viewers to call mayor


Washington, DC — Making Change at Walmart (MCAW) the national campaign to change Walmart into a more responsible employer, announces a television ad that will debut today, Tuesday, December 20, in the Suffolk, VA, media market. The commercial brings to light Walmart’s hurtful practice of locking up African American hair products, and asks viewers to call Suffolk Mayor Linda Johnson and tell her to demand Walmart stop. Petitions sponsored by MCAW, as well as by the AFL-CIO and, have received over 20,000 signatures (and counting).


At a December 7 press conference, MCAW Campaign Director Randy Parraz said, “Even one Walmart store doing this is too many! African American shoppers in Suffolk should not be forced to have a different shopping experience. Respectfully, we are urging the community and Mayor Johnson to help us change Walmart for the better.”

Also on December 7, MCAW organizers Anahi Tapia and Tiffany Beroid spoke in front of the Suffolk City Council to let the mayor and council members know how the Suffolk community is responding to being shown this security method at Walmart.

The ad will initially run on cable networks in the Suffolk media market this week through Saturday, December 24.




The ad script reads:

Hair products locked up

An extra layer of security

But only for some shoppers

Black shoppers

That’s what three Virginia Walmart stores did

Walmart locking up hair products used by African Americans

Some costing as little as two dollars

While products used primarily by white shoppers remain unlocked

Is that what Walmart thinks of its black shoppers?

Call Suffolk mayor Linda Johnson

Tell her to demand Walmart stop

Virginia shoppers deserve better