Does Walmart do enough to prevent crime?

Does Walmart do enough to prevent crime?

According to a 2016 report in Bloomberg News, police in at least two cities have criticized Walmart for not doing enough to prevent crime from occurring at Walmart stores.

The police cite a high incidence of petty crimes, such as shoplifting, which the report indicates could be prevented if Walmart invested more resources in store personnel and security. The article raises concerns that Walmart is shifting its security costs to police departments, which spend much of their time responding to calls from Walmart stores. The report also asks if the high incidence of petty crimes may lead to a higher incidence of serious crimes, citing experts who say that more petty crime typically means more violent crime.

Walmart owes it to its customers, employees and every community to be transparent about the amount of crime occurring at its stores, and about the steps it is taking to hold down crime. 

The Bloomberg article states that Walmart has a database which tracks crimes that occur on its properties. It uses this data to assign each store a risk score, based on the likelihood of different types of crime occurring there. Walmart uses these risk scores to set the levels of security spending for its stores. However, Walmart does not make these databases or scores public.

We call on Walmart to disclose its crime database and individual store risk scores. Disclosure will give employees, customers, and their communities the information they need to hold Walmart accountable for security funding decisions.


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