St. Louis is standing up to Stan Kroenke and Walmart: Think before you shop

The UFCW Local in St. Louis, MO, (Local 655) debuted a new commercial this week that encourages shoppers to buy their holiday groceries from one of the three local union food chains instead of buying from Walmart stores — where Stan Kroenke made his fortune and abandoned St. Louis in the process. MCAW agrees that now, more than ever, it’s important to support workers who fight to improve wages and other benefits in the workplace.

Kroenke is the owner of the Rams NFL team that moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles earlier this year. Kroenke made a significant portion of his fortune by building Walmart stores across the country as a real-estate developer, and is married to a Walmart heiress.

Local 655 hopes the commercial will encourage football fans and responsible shoppers to consider the impact of where they spend their money on groceries, particularly ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Watch the commercial: