Retailer announced that 7,000 workers are losing their jobs

Washington, DC — Making Change at Walmart (MCAW), the national campaign to change Walmart, released the following statement in regards to news that the company will lay off about 7,000 accounting and finance workers in the coming months, many of whom have been working for the company for years.

“This Labor Day, Walmart has decided to rollback jobs instead of their prices,” said Jess Levin, communications director for MCAW. “While this holiday weekend should be about celebrating America’s hard workers, sadly these Walmart employees will instead be worrying about their next paycheck.”

Levin continued: “These back office jobs were some of the better positions at Walmart. They could come with a higher salary, and also allowed a worker to be at a desk as opposed to on their feet all day. This change, no matter what Walmart promises, will most likely put 7,000 workers in the position of having to choose between a pay cut or no job at all. Walmart continues to show the world that their claim of investing in workers’ training, development, and wages was not meant for all workers. Clearly, this is how Walmart intends to pay for that investment: by firing associates and cutting jobs.”