Ruling demonstrates that retailer cheated workers by refusing to follow its own policy
Washington, DC — Making Change at Walmart (MCAW), the national campaign to change Walmart into a more responsible employer, released the following statement today regarding the Supreme Court of the United States’ decision to reject Walmart’s appeal of the $187.6 million verdict in Walmart Stores Inc. v Michelle Braun.
The case involves a class-action lawsuit that hourly employees of Walmart and Sam’s Club brought against the retailer for failing to compensate workers who were forced to work through lunch breaks at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in Pennsylvania. Compensation for this kind of work is mandated in Walmart’s own policies.
“Today, the highest court of the United States affirmed that Walmart workers have the right to be paid for every hour of hard work, not just the hours that Walmart wishes to acknowledge,” said Jess Levin, communications director for MCAW. Earlier this year, a labor board administrative law judge ruled in favor of Walmart workers who were unlawfully retaliated against for participating in strikes. The tide is turning in this country against Walmart.”

Levin added:
 The world’s largest retailer won’t be able to continue to mistreat its workers and get away with it. Walmart workers, when they come together, have a powerful voice that cannot be silenced, and these recent rulings are a testament to the countless hours of work they do every day, as well as their commitment to being treated fairly and with respect.”