Washington, DC — Making Change at Walmart (MCAW), the national campaign to change Walmart, released a statement, below, in response to a ruling by a federal jury in New Hampshire that orders Walmart to pay $31.2 million to a pharmacist who said she was fired because of her gender and after she pointed out unsafe working conditions.

“Once again, Walmart, the largest employer in the country, has been found guilty of discrimination and retaliation. While we are pleased that Ms. McPadden was able to stand up for her rights and win, we continue to hear from hard-working Walmart employees every day who tell us about hours being cut, nonexistent raises, or who have experienced retaliatory behavior at Walmart,” said Jess Levin, Communications Director at MCAW.

“How many more cases like this do we need to see before Walmart realizes it must change for the better? Enough with the PR stunts and empty rhetoric, the time has come for real change at Walmart.”

Walmart is also currently fighting two lawsuits in Pennsylvania brought by former workers who allege sex discrimination (Wolfinger v. Walmart and Eyler v. Walmart).

In addition, last week a NLRB administrative law judge found Walmart guilty of retaliation against 16 former workers who went on strike. The judge ordered Walmart to immediately reinstate the workers to their former jobs and give them back pay.


McPadden v. Walmart, U.S. District Court, New Hampshire, ruling on January 27, 2016

Wolfinger v. Walmart, Pennsylvania Middle District Court; filed December 22, 2015

Eyler v. Walmart, Pennsylvania Middle District Court; filed December 7, 2015