Washington, DC — Making Change at Walmart (MCAW), the national campaign to change Walmart, released the following statement in response to two new suits brought against Walmart by former workers in Pennsylvania. Both suits have been filed by women who were fired from Walmart because the retailer viewed their need to take care of dependents as interfering with their jobs.

Rebecca Wolfinger, of Shippensburg, PA, filed a discrimination suit alleging sex discrimination, and that she was told by her boss, while being required to work seven days a week, to “choose between her career and kids.”

In Scranton, PA, former worker Victoria Eyler is suing Walmart for interference with and violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act, after she was denied leave and eventually terminated for requesting time off to care for her sick mother.

“Considering Walmart’s history of unfairness toward women, it comes as no surprise that the company continues to discriminate against their workers who are trying to balance work and family,” said Jess Levin, communications director for MCAW.

“So many women have to juggle the responsibilities of being primary caregiver and earning a living. Luckily, we have laws that offer protections, like the Family and Medical Leave Act. Walmart needs to be a responsible, law-abiding employer and take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.” 


Wolfinger v. Walmart, Pennsylvania Middle District Court; filed December 22, 2015

Eyler v. Walmart, Pennsylvania Middle District Court; filed December 7, 2015