Walmart Doesn’t Keep its Promise to Veterans

Kenney-Veteran2Kenney is a veteran of the Vietnam War who served in the Army from 1974 through 1995, and a member of OUR Vets. He was drawn to a job at the Phoenix, AZ, Walmart six years ago because he believed the company when they said they looked out for veterans and took care of workers like him.

However, Kenney believes he has been passed up for promotions at Walmart due to favoritism, and his hours have been steadily decreasing, to the point that he worries about taking care of his family. He’s supposed to be a full-time worker, but is sometimes only scheduled to work four days a week. And, despite the promises that Walmart likes to make, “I’m never really acknowledged as a veteran,” Kenney says. “If I am, it’s with sarcasm.”

Kenney deserves the job he thought he was going to get when he started at Walmart. Let Walmart know that this Veterans Day, Kenney and all of their employees deserve better – they deserve an employer who appreciates their service to our country, that keeps its promises about regular work, and that pays them enough to support their families.

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