Veteran Asks Walmart For Respect

Max-Veteran2Max is an Army veteran who served overseas in the 1980s. Now, he works at Walmart, and doesn’t feel like the retailer appreciates or values his status as a veteran. He’s a proud member of OUR Vets.

Max worked outside in the store parking lot as a cart pusher for over six years, where he often had to deal with very hot and sometimes dangerous conditions, such as working when there were wildfires raging close to his southern California store. “Sometimes they wouldn’t even give us our 15-minute break, or let us get water,” he says.

In his time with Walmart, he says he was just recognized as a veteran last year, in 2014, when Associates who were veterans in his store were called into a morning manager’s meeting, thanked, and then sent back out to their jobs. He was also given a special badge that shows everyone he’s a veteran, but after last year’s Veterans Day, Max was told it was “not applicable” to his uniform and was asked to remove it.

This is not how America’s largest employer should treat our returning heroes. Let Walmart know that this Veterans Day, Max and all of their employees deserve better – they deserve honor, respect and to feel appreciated.


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