Veteran Asks Walmart For a Fair Chance

Meg-Veteran2Meg is a veteran of the Navy who served her country from 1992 to 1995, and a member of OUR Vets. She’s worked at a New Mexico Walmart for the past four years, but doesn’t feel like she’s been getting a fair shot to advance up the retailer’s company ladder.

“I’ve seen managers cherry-pick who they want to put in new positions, and then mislead everyone else about the job opening,” she says. When a Support Manager position opened at her store, Meg asked about it, and was told the job wasn’t going to be filled. A few months later, a man who had joined the team only a few months before was named the new Support Manager, filling the position that Meg asked about. “I should have been able to at least interview for that job,” she says, since she had the experience and has worked at the store for so long. “Sometimes I feel constantly lied to,” she says.

Meg should not have been passed over for a job opening she felt she was qualified for, without even an explanation. Let Walmart know that this Veterans Day, Meg and all of their employees deserve better – they deserve the truth, a fair chance, and respect.


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