Walmart Heirs Among Forbes’ Top 10 Billionaires but Lagging on Charity

The new Forbes 400 list of the richest people in America is out today and the four Walton heirs who own Walmart are all in the top ten once again.

It’s no surprise. Last July, the Waltons appeared at the top of Forbes’ list of the richest families in America. In fact, Forbes declared them the richest family on earth.

But there’s one list the Waltons won’t be making – the list of America’s most charitable billionaires.

An analysis we released earlier this month revealed that, when it comes to charitable giving, the Waltons lag well behind their peers at the top of the Forbes 400.

That analysis builds on a June report showing that the Waltons give almost none of their own wealth to the family foundation they control.

Table. Waltons: America's Least Generous Billionaires