Reputation Matters

A recent survey by Lake Research Partners provides some insight into this opposition: a large segment of the public has a negative perception of WMT, and many view the company as treating its workers badly. Among the 27% of consumers who rarely or never shop at WMT, over one-third (36%) cited “poor treatment of workers” as a reason. Even among WMT’s most loyal shoppers, those who shop there weekly, 9% say they have been shopping there less, and among those 25% cite “poor treatment of workers” as a reason.

More broadly, a majority of consumers see WMT’s labor policies as emblematic of what’s wrong with the economy. According to Lake, “By a 56% to 17% margin, consumers agree with the statement ‘Walmart is a real example of what’s wrong with our economy—the CEO is making millions and the workers are making minimum wage with poor benefits.’”

WMT's Bad Reputation

Source: Lake Research Partners

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