Walmart’s reputation gap with Costco continues to grow in new Nielsen/Harris poll

In late April, Nielsen/Harris released the latest results of its Reputation Quotient survey. And, as has become commonplace for Walmart on customer surveys, the results were not good. Walmart dropped four places in the ranking. Meanwhile, the reputation gap between Costco and Walmart continues to grow and is now the widest it has ever been.

Walmart's reputation gap: Costco's widening advantage in Harris Reputational Survey

In response to the release of the poll, OUR Walmart member and store associate Tiffany Beroid released a statement that read, in part:

It’s no surprise that Walmart fell in the rankings. As my co-workers and I continue to speak out about the problems at the country’s largest employer, Americans are increasingly concerned about where the company is headed and feel the economic impact of its choices…Customers see first-hand–and are frustrated by–the issues we’ve been raising. Stores are understaffed, shelves aren’t stocked, and associates are treated poorly on the job; many have faced illegal retaliation for speaking out for better jobs…..And rather than investing in jobs, Walmart spends billions on advertising trying to convince Americans the problems workers and customers face aren’t real.

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