Same questions remain about Mayer’s role at Walmart

Yahoo! CEO (and Walmart director) Marissa Mayer grimaced through another anemic Yahoo quarterly earnings report yesterday. (As always, Re/code’s Kara Swisher has quite the recap of Mayer’s presentation.) With Yahoo’s struggles continuing, we find ourselves still asking the same questions about Mayer’s role on the Walmart board that we have asked before:


As Yahoo’s core business continues to sink, what’s Marissa Mayer doing at Walmart?

While Walmart purportedly brought Mayer on to help boost the retailer’s eCommerce performance, it’s clear that she has her hands full just trying to keep Yahoo afloat… [I]t’s hard to imagine that Walmart’s problems are all that high on her list of priorities these days. So we have to wonder if Walmart execs and the rest of the Walmart board are regretting their choice? Or, given Walmart’s continued image problems, are they just happy to bask in the reflected glory of Mayer’s public relations machine for as long as they can?

Is Marissa Mayer too busy for Walmart?

Notwithstanding her reputation as a brilliant technologist and a relentless workhorse, we have to wonder if the demands of trying to save Yahoo leave Mayer sufficient time and energy to make a meaningful contribution at Walmart. Whatever else she’s brought to the Walmart board, Mayer does bring some star power. But is this enough?

What do you think?