Friday headline roundup

Thinking Outside the (Big) Box (New York Times, 12/31/2013)

Her central thesis is that many of those big-box retailers have been making a strategic error: Even the most coldhearted, money-hungry capitalists ought to realize that increasing their work force, and paying them and treating them better, will often yield happier customers, more engaged workers and — surprisingly — larger corporate profits. This sounds Pollyannaish, sure, but a study co-authored by Marshall Fisher, a Wharton professor who specializes in retail-management studies, backs it up. For every dollar of increased wages, one retailer that was studied by Fisher brought in $10 more in revenue. For more-understaffed stores in the study, the boost was as high as $28.


Wal-Mart exploits employee charity to help Ted Cruz and John Boehner (Salon, 12/23/2013)

Reporter Renee Dudley wrote that major companies, “forbidden to give money directly to political action committees, are taking advantage of controversial federal rules allowing them to ask employees to do it for them in exchange for matching charitable donations.”


Walmart Recalls Tainted Donkey Meat from Chinese Stores (TIME, 1/2/2014)

The reports of tainted meat embroils Walmartt in an ongoing controversy in China over food safety — which has already affected international brands like Carrefour and KFC — even as the world’s largest retailer plans a major expansion in the world’s largest grocery market.

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