Now Walmart workers are protesting director Christopher Williams

Two weeks ago, Walmart director and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer once again faced protesting Walmart workers, who disrupted a fireside chat at the Dreamforce ’13 conference.

Today in New York, her fellow Walmart director Christopher Williams, who also has faced protesting workers, is facing calls from community members to support Walmart workers who are speaking out for respect on the job:

Tweets about and pictures of Walmart workers protesting Christopher Williams







Mayer has been the target of many Walmart-related protests — including one at Yahoo headquarters in California, where five Walmart workers were arrested after Mayer refused to meet with them — since she joined the company’s board in 2012. Walmart workers say the company has been illegally firing and disciplining members of OUR Walmart, a group formed to advocate for better wages and working conditions. And they say Mayer has ignored repeated requests to talk with them about it.

Walmart faces a variety of operational, ethical, and image problems. And its labor problems show no signs of slowing down, as worker strikes spread, Black Friday protests loom, and a federal agency is ready to prosecute Walmart for labor law violations. Last June, Nicholas Carlson wondered in Business Insider whether the distraction of being on Wal-Mart’s board is worth it for Mayer and Yahoo.” We have wondered — and continue to wonder — the same thing, especially since she has her hands quite full at Yahoo right now.

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