Williams Capital Group Trying to Stop Disclosure of Information to WCG Wiki

Williams Capital Wiki strives to provide full and accurate information based on verifiable public documents to readers.   We believe that readers deserve more information than is often easily accessible on entities like Williams Capital Group.

We have recently learned that Williams Capital Group is trying to prevent the release of public information about the company and has gone so far as to file a petition in Oklahoma District Court claiming that the University of Oklahoma should not release complete copies of the firm’s application to provide bond underwriting services to the University.    The documents had been sought by Williams Capital Wiki in a Freedom of Information Act Request.

Interestingly, Williams Capital used law-firm Conner and Winters.   Christopher Williams’ fellow Walmart Board Member Rob Walton is a former partner at the firm.  

The firm specifically wanted to forbid the University  from releasing information about WCG’s capital position and customers that WCG provided in its application.

It is worth noting for WCG readers that much of this information is already in the public domain, previously released by other public entities.

For example, details on Williams Capital’s capital position in recent years are available in a variety of documents, including:

And details on Williams Capital’s customers are also available in many documents, including on page 83-84 and 94 of this document.

In the Williams Capital Wiki library of documents, you will also find information about WCG’s legal proceedings, marketing strategy, operating finances, and more.

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