Want to know why WalmartLabs’ Goodies is shutting down? Check out Facebook.

A WalmartLabs’s subscription e-commerce business, Goodies.co, will be closing down. What’s behind the demise of Goodies and the monthly snack boxes it mails out to subscribers? A sampling of the comments on the Goodies Facebook page suggests that there were some fundamental problems with the service.

Among the issues: Some subscribers weren’t receiving boxes they paid for. Goodies apparently has a canned “angry customer” Facebook response (“We’re always here to chat if you have feedback or questions about your Goodies Co. experience. Just send us an email at customercare@goodies.co!”), but the actual follow-up on complaints was apparently lacking. One customer said the email address didn’t work, while another emailed multiple times but got no reply:

Facebook comment from customer who never received box she ordered Facebook comment from customer who says customer service email address did not work

Some subscribers got their boxes really late, and when they did show up, the contents of the box were either “crap” or “a disappointment,” depending on who you ask. (Also: Tomato-mint tea?! BLECH.)

Facebook comment from customer who was disappointed by box that showed up late Facebook comment from disappointed Goodies customer

You can see plenty more comments from frustrated Goodies subscribers on Facebook, but in short, it looks like Goodies is a victim of its own highly underwhelming customer service and weak product assortment.

And it’s striking that problems with online order fulfillment seemed to be such a big issue, since Walmart needs to make advances in exactly this area if it is to step up its e-commerce game. The fact that a WalmartLabs initiative is failing—and failing on such basic aspects of e-commerce like following up with customer emails—doesn’t do much to instill confidence in Walmart’s ability to overcome its broader e-commerce challenges.


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