Dipping a toe into the comments section

While it’s usually a good rule of thumb to avoid internet comments sections, sometimes the internet can surprise you. The comments sections of an article on The Motley Fool published late last week actually contained interesting commentary on the trouble with Walmart’s “productivity loop” and the company’s ongoing labor concerns.

Customers’ stories back up media reports of the understaffing, out-of-stocks, and overall disorder in stores—all of which combine to make shopping at Walmart an unpleasant experience:

"I used to shop them weekly for groceries and sundry items...Over the last several years the stores I would frequent have become unkempt if not downright filthy and the checkout lines are way too long as they don't man enough checkouts."

"I think the core issue that Walmart needs to contend with is the simple fact that so many people literally HATE shopping there."

"It seems that since Sam Walton died, his stores have been on a downhill slide."

"I would add that competition from dollar stores such as Dollar General have contributed to their stagnation."

What do you think?