Friday headline roundup

Another deadly garment factory fire in Bangladesh (MarketWatch, 10/10/2013)
“An Oct. 8 factory fire near the capital city Dhaka killed 10 and injured over 50 workers. The factory has been linked to brands including George, owned by Wal-Mart’s Asda, and Canada’s Loblaw and Hudson’s Bay.”


Where Wal-Mart Isn’t: Four Countries the Retailer Can’t Conquer (Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 10/10/2013)
“[President of Walmart Asia Scott] Price didn’t mention that the Indian government is investigating allegations that Walmart violated rules governing foreign investment in the retail industry, or that Walmart is conducting an internal probe on possible violations of U.S. anti-corruption laws.”


Bharti, Wal-mart talk alimony terms after messy separation (Hindustan Times, 10/11/2013)
“Wal-mart Stores Inc and Bharti Group are locked in hectic negotiations to hammer out a deal, with each partner insisting on its pound of flesh in the breaking of an alliance marred by a failed unification attempt without legally merging of their two firms…Wal-mart, sources said, is in no hurry to partner another local company for its India retail foray till investigations on alleged violation of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) get over. It is facing allegations of violating FCPA in the US, which bars bribing officials of foreign governments including India, China, Brazil and Mexico.”


How Angry Walmart Workers Helped Convince Foreign Investors To Dump Shares (Forbes, 10/7/2013)
” ‘We decided to try to engage with Walmart,’ she said. ‘We’ve been trying for so many years and so little is happening. There’s discrimination, there’s very low pay, there are employees with bad working hours who are unable to live on their wages and have to take extra jobs. When you read reports about class action lawsuits, with employees suing, it’s quite alarming for an investor. We didn’t see the dialogue moving forward.’ “

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