Friday headline roundup

Wal-Mart Hires Workers for Holidays Amid Shelf Complaints (Bloomberg, 9/23/2013)

“The company is adding more permanent people to improve customer service after failing to keep shelves stocked and handle other store-level operations, said David Galper, head of retail and apparel investment banking for KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc.”


Insight: Wal-Mart ‘Made in America’ drive follows suppliers’ lead (Reuters, 9/25/2013)

“The Bentonville, Arkansas-based company says it is “leading an American renewal in manufacturing” and “bringing jobs back to the U.S.” with its pledge made in January to buy an additional $50 billion in U.S.-made goods over the next 10 years. But an examination of the company’s “Made in America” campaign suggests Wal-Mart’s caught on to a reshoring phenomenon that was already underway. In many cases, Wal-Mart’s suppliers had already decided to produce in the United States, as rising wages in China and other emerging economies, along with increased labor productivity and flexibility back home, eroded the allure of offshore production.”


Factory workers protest in Dhaka and across Bangladesh (DW, 9/23/2013)

“Deputy Mustafizur Rahman said Monday’s strikes forced the temporary closure of about 300 factories making clothing for retailers such as Walmart. Protesting workers have attacked plants that stayed open… Protests over poor wages, benefits and working conditions happen frequently in Bangladesh, but they have gained in intensity since April, when a factory complex collapsed, killing more than 1,100 people in one of the world’s deadliest industrial disasters.”


Wal-Mart and Low Wages: What Can’t Go On Forever, Won’t (DailyFinance, 9/25/2013)

“‘This can’t last,’ I wrote in response. ‘So it won’t.’ Employers spent the last three decades squeezing employees. There’s growing evidence that they’ve squeezed as tight as possible, to a point where it is backfiring on business and productivity.”


Walmart stores and website still stocking Paula Deen items despite July end to sponsorship (Associated Press, 9/25/2013)

“Despite Wal-Mart’s July announcement that it ended its relationship with Paula Deen, the world’s largest retailer said Wednesday that it expects to keep her branded cookware on the shelves through the end of the year…The Bentonville, Ark., company was among numerous companies that severed ties with Deen after the Southern celebrity chef acknowledged that she’d used racial slurs.”

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