Friday headline roundup: Labor unrest edition

100 Walmart Protesters Reportedly Arrested In 15-City Strike (AOL Jobs, 9/5/13)

“One hundred Walmart workers and activists in 11 cities were arrested Thursday as part of a wave of protests against the retail giant, OUR Walmart, the protest organizer, said in a release late Thursday. Thousands of workers and activists in 15 cities participated in the protests, the largest action against Walmart since Black Friday’s protests.”


Walmart employee speaks out (CNBC, 9/5/13)

“We went on strike in June to the home office of Walmart. Associates from all across the U.S. We went because of concerns in our store and about the company. We wanted our voices to be heard. They unfortunately did not speak with us. Not only did they not speak with us, but they retaliated against us by firing some of us and by writing some of us up and still harassing others. So we reached out to the Board of Directors and tried to get them to help us speak with Walmart. They also ignored us. So we decided that we were going to go to reach out to him one more time and not take no for an answer. Again, he refused to speak with us. So they arrested us for not leaving.”


Hundreds protest against Walmart in 15 cities, demanding higher wages (The Washington Post, 9/5/13)

“Coming on the heels of a strike in scores of cities last week by fast-food restaurant employees, the action led some to question whether the country’s working poor were reaching a tipping point of frustration over stagnating wages and declining buying power.”


Wal-Mart Protesters Arrested Outside Board Director’s Office (Bloomberg, 9/5/13)

“One current and two former workers from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct while trying to deliver a petition demanding better working conditions at the chain to the Manhattan office of a company board director, police and organizers said. The protest outside the Fifth Avenue office of Wal-Mart board member Chris Williams, chief executive officer of The Williams Capital Group investment bank, was one of at least 15 demonstrations against the retailer today in cities from Boston to San Francisco, protest organizers said.The workers involved in the demonstrations had given the world’s largest retailer a deadline of Labor Day, on Sept. 2, to reinstate employees they said had been wrongly fired or disciplined after protests earlier this year. The group also called on the company to publicly commit to improving jobs and offering higher wages.”

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