Glowing Marissa Mayer profile in Vogue omits controversial Walmart affiliation

Walmart Director and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is profiled in the September issue of Vogue.

The piece has drawn its share of criticism, much of it directed at the odd way that Mayer is posed in the photo that accompanies the article (see here and here, for example).

The photo certainly caught our eye, but we noticed something else odd about the profile. The flattering (one might even say fawning) portrait of Mayer doesn’t once mention that she sits on the Walmart board of directors.

Image: Parody of Vogue cover featuring Marissa Mayer

Nor does it mention that, for over a year, Mayer has rebuffed more than a dozen efforts by Walmart workers to engage her in discussion about the company’s illegal retaliation against associates who speak out for improved wages and working conditions.

Walmart associate Barbara Collins is one of five workers and supporters who staged a sit-in at Yahoo headquarters on June 24th, when Mayer refused to see them. Yahoo had Collins and the others arrested.

Collins addressed the Yahoo shareholder meeting the very next day and asked Mayer to help end illegal retaliation by Walmart (MSNBC video here).

As a result, the Financial Times reported that Mayer had become a “lightning rod” for Walmart’s critics. And Business Insider’s Nicholas Carlson asked whether “the distraction of being on Wal-Mart’s board is worth it for Mayer and Yahoo.”

Three days later, Collins was illegally fired by Walmart. She is one of more than 60 workers currently pursuing a National Labor Relations Board complaint against Walmart after they were fired or disciplined for participating in legally protected activity.

Here at the Walmart1Percent we couldn’t help but wonder if Mayer’s feeling a bit embarrassed about the whole Walmart thing. Otherwise, why not mention you’re on the board of the number one company on the Fortune 500?

We thought it would be great for Vogue to set the record straight – and we decided to give them a head start by designing a cover for the Marissa Mayer profile we’d like to read.

What do you think?

What do you think?